Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dedicated to St Mary J.....Chef Johnas strikes again

Chef Johnas strikes again...Chicken LaRissa was a hit...he has mastered this dish...he has also mastered his Seafood bisque....one of the greatest sense we take for granted is our ability to taste.  But when Chef Johnas cooks these two dishes...they wake up your tastebuds like no other food. We had the honor of sharing the chicken with St Mary and Sister C...I observed their proud and pleasantly surprised expressions while they indulged in this fine dish...and Chef Johnas just beemed as he got the approval from his most favorite person in the world, his mom (St Mary).  So much of his personality goes into the Chicken LaRissa...one thing that certainly stands out is the amazingly unforgetable flavor...he and this dish are certainly memorable and like nothing you have ever encountered.  Cheers to Chef Johnas!!!  I am looking forward to having him share this dish here at The Colonial B&B at Stamford NY....come join us....won't you?