Sunday, August 12, 2012

TPs Cafe (in Stamford, NY) block party...what a weekend...

TPs block party...what a weekend...

This has been the annual event to attend...great food from TPs...great ambiance, musicians from all over come perform live from the early afternoon thru to the late music, good food and a lot of happy people...whats icing to this day...all lodging was booked solid!!!  Nice all around for everyone.  We had a great group of families stay at our B&B...what an experience!!  Hopeful they liked their accommodations, food and hospitality....definitely a learning experience for Michael and I as new Innkeepers....we could not have pulled it together had it not been for.....
Dominick Parker - (thanks kiddo for all your hard work and patience)
Luke Johnas - ( Gracias Senor Lavanjero....really appreciate your patience and hard work...miss you already..)
Penny DeVita - (thank you for the extra cot...OMG!)
Elliot Wentworth -  Your handiwork and!  Thank you, you rock buddy.
Emily Wentworth - the Cleaning diva!!!!  You are so hired!!!!  Quick and to love it!!! Awesome kiddo!!!!
Nicholas DeVita - my other son from another mother...thank you for your diligent work at installing the air conditioning unit....Thank you...You and Elliott interior decorators????? ;)

Here's a pic of our guest this weekend....looks like they enjoyed their breakfast...hopefully they enjoyed some of the other food available at the Colonial B&B at Stamford NY