Monday, August 5, 2013

Way to start the week...

Happy Monday everyone!  As always, we had wonderful guest stay at The Colonial B&B at Stamford NY this past week.  The B&B crowd are just great, friendly people...seems like the family members you like having to come for a visit...well you know what I mean...haha...No seriously, we are thankful that those who visit us are generous, kind and engaging.  We do look forward to their return visit.  So to our new found family members from this past week (Mas, Edward, Maggie, Stephanie, Nancy and her beautiful grand daughter "Blueberry Muffin", Suzanna and Michael) thank you for your visit and we look forward to many more visits with you. 

Ok friends, we have more family members coming this weekend!  Looking forward to seeing how much the kids have grown since last yes...we do love kiddies visiting us (though it makes me feel like a grandparent and I am only 45...) with that being said...we have to have fun snacks for them as well...

I was thinking of making the kiddies one or two of the following:

Toonie Moonie™ Crispy Treats
Andrew and Lauren enjoy some more Toonie Moonie snacks!
Some corn and blueberry muffins
Michael prefers the ice cream cake we make here...he says the kiddies really want that...I just think he wants it and is using the kids as an excuse...hmmmmmm
Please share your thoughts...what should we have for our younger family members?
As our usual, some theme music to get the creative juices for the week going!!!
Hasta Pronto,
Flerida y Michael