Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I love cooking ........do you love cooking...how about some fun?

I enjoy cooking for our clients...but though challenging...ok nerve wracking...I love cooking for foodies...you know..food aficionados!! Wowing a foodie who can break down almost every ingredient in your dish is so much fun!!!

Decision made!  Once per month..Starting September 2013 we will make it a foodie day.  I suggest Sunday.  All you cooks/chef/Bobby Flay wanna be...this is your opportunity to share a dish and its recipe so strut your stuff..we will make it a contest and whomever wins that month, wins a cash prize and we will look to include the winning dish in our menu.  We will set it up where we will open it to the public by invitation only (sorry, we can only accommodate so much) they would pay a  predetermined fee and they get to taste everyone's dish.  Invitees get to vote their favorite and whomever wins gets to keep the cash collected for the night..and yes the house must get a little something for hosting the event (but it will be minimal...we promise...)

So....who's in?

Will it be like this.....
Bring it on....The Colonial B&B's own Chef Johnas will be here to judge your masterpiece!!!

We are still in the beginning stages of planning this...so Chime in Folks!!!!!

Until then, I leave you with some mood music..